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Streaks Salon is proud to offer VersaPro


Think spray tanning is old news? Think again! VersaSpa® provides a tanning experience unlike any you’ve had before.

Comfortable and easy to use

The wide-open design and Patent-Pending spray nozzle of the VersaPro booth allow you to get a quick, even tan without feeling shut in. But the comfort doesn’t stop there. VersaPro incorporates state-of-the-art technology to make the tanning process better than ever:

  • The built-in exhaust system makes breathing easier during application
  • The automatic drying system gently dries your skin so you emerge from the booth ready to dress and go
  • The easy-to-use LCD panel lets you tan your whole body, just your face, or just your legs at the touch of a button


Luxurious skin care

VersaPro is more than just a spray tanning booth — it’s a complete skin care system! Each session begins with a moisturizing spray that prepares your skin for the bronzer application.

Next, select from three bronzing levels to achieve your ideal tan:

  • Level 1 — light color
  • Level 2 — medium color (our most popular option)
  • Level 3 — deep color


Finish off your tan with an optional anti-aging hydration spray.

A natural-looking tan that lasts — with no skin damage

Unlike traditional or bed tanning methods, which expose skin to damaging UV rays, VersaPro gives you a golden glow without any of the damaging effects. VersaSpa® uses a world-renowned bronzing formula that immediately gives you a little color, and then deepens over several hours. Results can last a week or more.

Tips for getting the most out of your VersaPro treatment

  • Shower and exfoliate prior to application
  • Wait 6-8 hours after application before showering

Still not convinced?

Stop by Streaks Salon to check it out. Our staff will answer any questions you may have, and would be happy to schedule an appointment for you when you’re ready to try VersaPro for yourself.

Please Call 209.523.9800 for pricing and to schedule your VersaSpa® treatment today!

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